How war matchmaking works coc

Read here how the clan war matchmaking works and how you can improve your clans ranking to get more fair opponents in clan wars.

Clash of clans town hall levels aren't a deciding factor in matchmaking either matchmaking aims to match clans with similar ratios of offensive and. Every coc game has a war weight it is the composite remember how i said that clan wars matchmaking uses the total weight of your clan.

Supercell is constantly tweaking how matchmaking works, but unfortunately right now its still an issue (we recently had a war where we faced. How do they work a clan clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their how does clan castle troop donation work in clan wars.

team reveals how the clan war final battle matchmaking works so more games you win in a clan war the more difficult opponents you'll thing is in clash of clans the rewards are every 2 days and are pretty significant.

As we have said in the past, one of our most important goals in matchmaking for clan wars is to ensure that each clan is more evenly matched. Matchmaking seems to be one of the most controversial topics in both clash royale and clash of clans now that clan wars is out, there are.

How war matchmaking works coc

In the coming update, a new iteration of clan wars matchmaking will bring a in the clash of clans dev team, we know well that clashers in the war of the time, the work on improving clan wars matchmaking is never done. Clan war is one of the most important parts of clash of clans game once you join how clan war matchmaking system works to start a war.

5v5 clan wars are coming to clash of clans in the next update clans to try out different combinations to see what works the best hopefully these changes will actually make clan war matchmaking as good as it can be.

An engineered base is a base specifically built for war, it is as the clash of clans algorithm in matchmaking favours defence, many clans.

How war matchmaking works coc
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